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Destinations the Sawyer & Company Team Are Dreaming About

At Sawyer & Company, we are endlessly inspired by travel. While we remain at home for the time being, our team is staying inspired through a renewed sense of wanderlust – dreaming of the places, cultures, and communities that have captivated us in the past and adding new destinations to our bucket lists for the future.

In this time of global uncertainty when the future seems so unclear, one thing is for sure: as soon as we’re safely able to travel again, we’re packing our bags and heading out to embrace the world. Until then, we’ll spend this time dreaming of the places that inspire us - from the remote nature of the Canadian Rockies to the vibrant streets of Marrakesh.

Below, you'll find the places each of our team members have selected as their go-to destination once days of travel arrive again:

Tracey, Founder and CEO

Destination: Canadian Rockies

"I am so looking forward to spending some time in Canada with family and friends and to revisit some of my favorite places all over the world.

I have wanted to return to the Canadian Rockies for a while - I think it’s the connection to nature (and color) that I crave. It’s truly stunning, stoic, timeless and inspiring.

I love contrast in travel. To be completely detached, inspired by the remote simplicity of nature, and then to embrace the luxury of what people create. I'm unceasingly intrigued by the individual moments that are inspired both by nature and by people that create the whole experience.

After Canada, I hope to be sailing in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or through the Indonesian islands."

Joon, Design Director

Destination: Milan, Italy

"Milano will be my first trip once the lockdown is over. We started travelling to Milano in 2002, and it has quickly become our go-to weekend getaway - we love the vibrant energy of the city as well as the culinary and fashion scene.

We always stay at The Four Seasons Milano, and we've come to know the hotel staff by name. The Lombardy region has experienced the worst of the pandemic in Italy and we're hurting for the lovely staff at The Four Seasons, who have always treated us like family. We can’t wait to see them again and share our experience with the pandemic in NYC. Hopefully, we are able to laugh with them and enjoy the city again soon."

Accommodation: Four Seasons Milano

Maddy, Interior Designer

Destination: Santorini, Greece

"When all of this is over I would travel to Santorini, Greece! This is a destination I’ve always wanted to travel to, but have always pushed it off for one reason or another. This whole experience of being quarantined has taught me to take advantage of opportunities while I am still young and have the freedom to. I am also very eager to get outside in warm weather on a beach, eating yummy food - all of which Santorini has!"

Surachai, Interior Designer

Destination: Bhutan

"When the lockdown is over, I want to travel to a small village in Bhutan and stay at a homestay with local people for an authentic and immersive experience. After the chaos of the pandemic, I want be close to the nature and experience a different way of life."

Accommodation: Local Homestay

Taylor, Designer

Destination: Southern Italy

"When this is over I would love to spend some time in Southern Italy - particularly Amalfi, Positano, and Capri. My grandparents were huge travelers and instilled in me a desire to see the world, and Italy has always been on my bucket-list!"

Mariel, Designer

Destination: Morocco

"I can't wait to travel to Morocco for warm weather, awesome food, and landscapes. I plan to spend the days enjoying local culture with leisure time in the evenings. It's a bucket list location I've always dreamed of going to and been endlessly inspired by it's textiles and unique architecture, and can't wait to plan a trip when it is safe to."

Tessa, Interior Designer

Destination: Paris, France

"Paris has been on my list for quite some time. I've heard such amazing things from friends who have visited and would love to be able to explore it's historic architectural landmarks as well as it's inspiring galleries. After the pandemic is over, I can't wait to finally visit."

Supernita, Design Director

Destination: Capetown, South Africa

"Capetown is one of my most favorite cities I have yet to experience. From the stunning landscape of beaches, cliffs, mountains, to the interesting urban culture and breathtaking vineyards in the Winelands - we love all the diverse experiences Capetown has to offer.

One place I'm currently dreaming about is the Bablyonstoren - an elegantly restored Cape Dutch building surrounded by hectares of farmland in the wine region. The farm to table dining is unparalleled – you can pick what you want straight from the farm for them to prepare for you. The best way to experience the property is to ride bikes through the farmland, enjoying the tranquility of the Cape's Winelands."

Accommodation: Bablyonstoren



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