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Natural Luxury: What It Is and Why It Matters

In the design context, the definition of “luxury” can take on an endless, ever-changing form. However, an unwavering constant within tasteful design is visible consideration for the natural surroundings in which a design lives. A harmonic symbiosis of untamed nature and imposed structure denotes design that is both natural and thoughtful, allowing those experiencing a space to feel deeply present within their environment. With Earth Month just passed, ruminations of our place in nature take center stage, and here at Sawyer & Company we are committed to a philosophy that incorporates natural luxury throughout the design process.

Natural Luxury is a considered design aesthetic that is simultaneously timeless and contemporary. This aesthetic vision is found present across all of our projects and in details large and small, conveying an adherence to the natural state of the environment in which the design is crafted.

"There’s a sense of effortlessness in nature that we find inspiring, how all pieces come together without wasting more resources or energy than needed,” says Sawyer & Co., “This holistic approach to arrive at a design that is ‘just right’ is one of the things that we draw from nature."

Emphasizing a sense of place in our environment is a key consideration for all projects that we take on.

A recent example is found in the concept behind the recently unveiled “Raw on Five” aboard the Celebrity Edge cruise ship, which references details suggesting the undulating waves of the sea below, and the grooves of an oyster shell. Incorporating existing natural landscape elements into architecture and design is another way to ensure the timeless effect of design.

"The notion of biophilia and how humans have an innate tendency to seek connection with nature proves a constant inspiration behind our design," says Tracey Sawyer, founder of Sawyer & Company. "It can inform a project from the overall planning to the smallest details, and propel forward thinking high and low tech solutions that promote personal well-being."

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