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Travel Essentials from the Hospitality Design Experts at Sawyer & Company

Ensure Your Trip is Worry-Free with Thoughtful Insider Tips from Tracey Sawyer

With September in full swing and the holidays coming in short succession, many people may have trips on the books both far and wide. While the idea of traveling is exciting to most, the thought of packing can be quite the opposite. Yet, with the right mindset, prep and travel essentials, your next pack can be quite a breeze.

The founder of our interior design firm, Tracey Sawyer, has become the go-to designers of choice for creating chic, functional and natural interiors for some of the biggest hotel brands in the world including the W, Westin, Marriott, and Andaz, to name a few, so they understand intrinsically what even the most savvy travelers tend to overlook while packing for an escape. Below, you can find their tips for packing like a pro, sure to make your next trip seamless and worry-free.

1. The Portfolio

Travel is full of unexpected surprises, and in that lies much of the joy. However, one thing is certain – that travel by train, car, or plane will require easy access to money, maps, and assorted travel documents. A portfolio is the ideal solution for storing passports, ID cards, medical information, prescription medications, and more. Stock yours with your personal documents, and don’t forget to bring your hotel reservation, plane tickets, and an itinerary to guarantee a flawless journey. It’s always helpful to have a pen to jot down notes on the fly, and a portable charger for your phone or computer can come in very handily when encountering unexpected challenges and delays.

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2. In the Carry-On

Most airlines allow for a complimentary carry-on, and wayfarers are well advised to take full advantage. Carry-ons are best used for those items that will make the journey itself and the transition to a new environment that much easier. International travel is often overnight, so eye masks, earphones, an inflatable pillow, and a light-weight cashmere wrap make catching some precious moments of sleep a bit more palatable. Additionally, useful items like socks, lip balm, and chargers fit very snuggly inside and add more ease to a long distance journey. We recommend throwing in some “small luxury” as well – a well-appointed ointment or fragrance (like the bullet container from Le Labo), or a refreshing spritz to help freshen up when landing can be essential for treating yourself while in transit.

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3. In the Luggage

Luggage is typically reserved for clothing, shoes, and bulkier items, but there are other small amenities to remember while traveling for which the larger luggage is ideally suited. Specialized objects like travel-sized refillable liquid containers are key for unexpected outings and for staying hydrated during long layovers or once back on the ground. Many travelers forget simple but utilitarian things, like a laundry bag, a jewelry case (ideally inside a secure suitcase in lieu of foul play at the airport), zippered bags to keep your belongings sorted, and a travel steamer to avoid unsightly wrinkles.

Of course, on the wardrobe side of things there are certainly some recommended items as well. We recommend packing a clutch, a spare tote for runs to the convenience store or spontaneous shopping, flips flops, heels (for the ladies), and an oversized shirt, perfect for comfort while on the road.

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4. The Quick Fix

Travel is not without unexpected issues, spills, and mishaps. For those, it’s imperative to plan ahead. Although most hotels can find you a solution or have one on site, said mishaps often occur during transit itself. Likewise, certain items are easier to find domestically than overseas, and some situations demand an immediate remedy. Dry shampoo, for instance, is appreciated when the opportunity to quickly freshen up before linking with loved ones or friends, or before an important business meeting, if postponed by unexpected delays at overcrowded and over-serviced airports. Face wipes also provide an immediate solution to travel-induced grit and grime. Other items, like a white noise machine can ease restless jet-lag, or reduce discomfort in a noisy accommodation. Additionally, an extra charger, Ziploc bags, bug repellents, and aromatherapy sprays can add an element of consolation while visiting new places.

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Although most travelers can’t predict the future or plan for every unexpected misfortune, it’s best to be as prepared as possible for any situation that may come their way. With these simple, helpful tips from the hospitality and design experts at Sawyer & Company, your trip can be as easily managed as a run to the local supermarket.

To learn more about Sawyer & Company or to browse current projects, visit SawyerCo.Design.



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