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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Beachside Hotel

With spring cleaning in the rear view mirror and the warmer days of summer in full swing, there’s no better time to refresh your home and clear out the dark, heavy hues and fabrics of winter from your spaces. Whether you are on an island or land-locked, incorporating just a few design touches throughout your space has the ability to transform your home, inviting in the relaxed, clean and bright feel of a luxury beach side retreat.

Here are a few design touches that will make all the difference in your home or office this summer.

1. Turn a Bland Patch of Grass Into Your Favorite Summer Spot with the Addition of a Fire Pit

Summer nights should be enjoyed outdoors as often as possible. Therefore, when curating the perfect summer ambiance, we recommend paying special attention to the outdoor spaces. Incorporating a fire pit is a quick way to create a summer hearth to gather around with friends and family. A sleek gas-burning pit gives a distinctly modern aesthetic – opt for a circular shape for friends to gather round, or a rectangular shape to double as a table for entertaining. S’mores anyone?

Our Top Picks:

2. Bring the Outside in with Bold Hanging Plants and Mini Aromatic Fruit Trees

With biophilia at the forefront of everyone’s mind this year, adding a leafy canopy to your home is not only an of-the-moment style statement, but also breathes life into your spaces for summer. Curate your own green haven with a biodiversity of lush leaves and citrus plants, bringing the outside in to your spaces.

Our Top Picks:

3. Add a Warm Glow with Woven Lighting Details

Perfect for outdoor living or inside from kitchen to living room, woven pendant lights can make all the difference in taking your home from cold and stuffy to 75 and sunny. Rope details and natural, textured materials evoke a feeling of beach side bliss perfect for the summer months.

Our Top Picks:

4. Summer Coziness Done Right with Tasseled Throws and Pop-Color Pillows

Incorporating pops of color throughout your home can be accomplished via interchangeable seasonal pieces, such as pillows and throws that can be easily stowed away when the winter rolls back around. Blankets with tasseled detailing and indigo hand dyed throw pillows keep spaces feeling playful and summery while still sophisticated.

Our Top Picks:

5. Add a Twinkle to Your Nights with Rustic Market Lights

There is no easier way to emulate a boutique beach hotel of the moment than to string your outdoor spaces with a web of twinkling market lights. Enjoy warm summer evenings with friends gathered beneath the exposed bulbs – perfect for patio living.

Our Top Picks:

6. Lighten Up for Bedtime with Luxe Linen Bedding

Do away with heavy down comforters and quilts, and brighten your bedroom with lightweight linen that keeps you feeling cool and comfortable all summer long. Select a linen color palate that is white or neutral with cool undertones keeps spaces feeling light, airy and summer-ready.

Our Top Picks:

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