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Sawyer & Company's Favorite Design Details Inspired by Local Elements

At Sawyer & Company, a fundamental part of our design process is taking inspiration from the local elements that define the environment in which a project is set. The cultures, heritage, and history found in the cities and neighborhoods in which we work are rich with detail, color, and character that become an important part of our design.

Below, we've listed five of our favorite design details inspired by local elements from various projects across the country:

The Weathered Fisherman Print at Canopy by Hilton at the Wharf DC

The rich fishing history of the reimagined Wharf neighborhood of Washington, D.C. was a guiding inspiration in our design of the first North American Canopy by Hilton. The Canopy Central area of the hotel features a large black and white multi-media art installation representing "The Weathered Fisherman" on reclaimed painted bead board.

The Butcher-Block Wall at Canopy by Hilton Atlanta Midtown

The Canopy by Hilton Atlanta Midtown explores the different layers of art, food, and iconography integrated within the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood. The butcher-block installation in the Retreat area is printed with names and faces of local artists and artwork.

Stacked Painted Canvases at the Canopy Atlanta Midtown


Also located in the Retreat area of the Canopy by Hilton Atlanta Midtown are screens of stacked canvases curated by a local Atlanta artist.

Murals at the Brooklyn Marriott

We looked to Brooklyn’s rich history and culture when beginning to re-imagine the interior design of the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge. We pulled inspiration from the local surroundings to create the full atmosphere of the hotel - from the public spaces to the guestrooms.

Photography of the Brooklyn Bridge is layered, recolored and re-interpreted, connecting to the main artwork in the lobby. I-Beam work tables pay tribute to the Brooklyn craftsmen who helped build the city, while the wood finishes throughout represent the reclaimed wood finishes of the navy yards and early transportation systems.

Terracotta Light Fixtures at New York LaGuardia Marriott

The New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott, located near the historic airfield, explores the different layers of art, food and iconography integrated within the greater Queens community, highlighting its great diversity of over 120 nationalities. Hand-made terracotta light fixtures march in line above the contemporary, clean-lined bar made of eco-terrazzo stone slabs - an intrinsic reference to the many influences becoming whole.

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