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Defining New Luxury in the Travel Industry

New Luxury has been a trending topic amongst hospitality insiders over the past few months, and has taken on a variety of interpretations across various hospitality groups. As travel increasingly takes focus on disconnecting, health and wellness, and green, eco-friendly initiatives, industry veterans have a range of thoughts on what “New Luxury” means to the modern traveler.

Across the board, innovation is at the forefront of the conversation and what was once considered “luxury” is now essential for travelers. As hotel guests have increasingly demanding personal lives and hectic schedules, Skift notes that, “[many] of the trends today in the luxury market are pointing toward one overarching theme: personalized fulfillment. At a macro level, demand is growing for the accumulation of travel memories drawn from transformative moments that resonate deeply with the individual traveler’s ideal of personal fulfillment, and his or her best aspirational version of themselves.”

Affluence is no longer all about glittering things and an exhibition of wealth, as status is now defined by personal experiences and self-discovery. So, what does New Luxury mean to us at Sawyer & Company, and how do we approach this highly personal and divergent topic throughout our design process?

When considering Design for Travel, we believe that luxury takes form throughout the entire travel process. Rich, natural design elements and thoughtful details help to elevate the guest experience, from the moment they board their method of transport until the moment their head hits the pillow. An overarching ethos of ease of movement and an environment which encourages personal fulfillment, whether via an art installation, a private, quiet respite in the middle of a bustling hotel (like the Transfer Lounge concept at the Canopy by Hilton at the Wharf DC), or a food station that accommodates needs at any hour of the day, are paramount to a comfortable, present experience.

New Luxury is an ever-evolving concept, and one that is progressing with the needs of today’s traveler. In a world so plugged in and fast-paced, it is luxurious to be able to create tangible memories and moments that resonate with a guest well after their trip has passed. Thoughtful design elements resound with travelers when they are settled comfortably within a space that allows them the freedom for the mind to wander, and the freedom to escape from their everyday obligations.

For some examples of how we interpret New Luxury, feel free to view our portfolio of recent projects.



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