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5 Minutes With Tracey Sawyer

Tracey Sawyer, founder of Sawyer & Company, shares insight into what makes her tick.

  • Who/what inspired you to become a designer?

T: There was never a particular moment – but rather an evolution of making and creating from a very young age, while growing up so close to nature – which has always been an inspiration.

  • What is your favorite color at the moment?

T: Shades of green.

  • What is your dream project?

T: A dream project would encompass defining natural luxury in creating a resort experience.

  • What types of projects excite you?

K/T: We would love to design a full, natural luxury resort, but honestly working on projects that have good, solid, professional team with great ideas and open minds – Teams that also have the expertise to execute really good design, ultimately creating incredible experiences.

  • What sorts of projects do you see Sawyer & Company working on in 10 years?

T: In 10 years, I think we will be expanding into all areas of travel and continuing to define what that means.

  • If you could go back in time and tackle any project from the beginning, which would you choose?

T: I would love to design the infrastructure of the Mayan or Incan Civilizations – they were incredibly ingenious compared to their contemporaries.

  • If you could work with any past artist, who would it be?

T: Installations artists all the way – I’m thinking of Olafur Eliasson, TeamLAB, and Tokujin Yoshioka, in particular.

  • If you could jam with any band, at any point in time, which would it be?

T: Janis Joplin – Big Brother and the Holding Company.

  • If you could visit any structure or place throughout history, what would you visit?

T: I would go back to Athens and the Acropolis around 200 BC – at the peak of Greek society.

For more information, please visit SawyerCo.Design.



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