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5 Pro Tips to Refresh Your Home for Mid-Summer

As the weather heats up, the warm cozy blankets make their way to our storage closets, and the air conditioners start to get use in our homes, there’s no better time than now to refresh your home for the season. You don’t need a full re-design of your home to get it summer-ready – just a few touches can make all the difference in “summer-izing” your space.

Tracey Sawyer, of Sawyer & Company, has become the go-to designer of choice for creating chic, functional and comfortable interiors for some of the biggest hotel brands in the world including the W, Westin, Marriott, Andaz, and more, so she know just what it takes to transform a space with just a few simple touches.

Below, you can find Tracey's 5 pro tips for transforming your home from a cozy winter abode to a stylish summer dwelling.

1) Update Your Pillows, Throws and Slipcovers. Replace warm natural wool throw pillows on sofas and chairs with a crisp linen lighter shade style. Compliment this switch up by splurging on a linen or cotton slipcover for your sofa or chair. This small update will add an airy feel to any space in your home, giving it an instant summer-appropriate feeling and a cool summer palette.

Sawyer & Company Picks:

2) Switch Up Your Bed Linens and Towels. Toss your old bed linens, duvets, coverlets and bathroom linens into the storage closet, and invest in bright, crisp cotton pieces that are lightweight. This simple change will be a practical choice for the season and bring a fresh look to any room.

Sawyer & Company Picks:

Area Home Shop Log Linen- Towels & Linen, from $80.00 per item

Hale Mercantile Co. Kristine Linen Guest Towel, from $35.00

Libeco Table Linen Collections, from $24.00

3) Replace Last Season’s Fragrance. Add fresh candles and fragrances throughout your home that have lighter, crisper notes in playful jars.

Sawyer & Company Top Picks:

Jo Malone Citrus Scents, like the Pomegranate Home Candle, from $65.00

Christian Tortu Forets Candle, from $65.00

Coqui Coqui Coco Coco Candle, from $65.00

4) Add a Feature of Floral. Embrace floral arrangements and plants to liven up the interiors in your home. Opt for fresh-cut flowers of the season, to ensure the best quality.

Sawyer & Company Top Picks:

Tulips, Lavender and Peonies - these flowers always make a summer-fresh arrangement, from $10

**If you are located in New York, we advise an early morning walk through The Flower District and a trip to the Union Square Market for the best fresh floral finds

5) Invest in the Perfect Lightweight Robe. Place your favorite cozy winter robe deep inside your closet and enjoy warm mornings and evenings at your home in the perfect airy, lightweight cotton robe or silk caftan.

Sawyer & Company Top Picks:

Striped Linen Kaftan, from $250.00

For more information on Sawyer & Company or to browse recent design projects, please visit SawyerCo.Design.



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