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Meeting the Needs of Today's Traveler

The needs of today's traveler are constantly changing and substantially differ from traveler to another. To truly understand these diverse needs, Sawyer & Company engaged in an in-depth 18 month study of today's traveler in order to design the perfect guestroom that can meet all of these travelers' unique and evolving needs.

Through the study, the Sawyer & Company team found that today's travelers require flexible functionality, the ability to stay connected, as well as a place to retreat and rejuvenate. When we were selected to spearhead a major initiative for the Marriott Hotels namesake brand (to re-imagine the guestroom experience from top to bottom when designing the Marriott Hotels prototype room), we did so with these needs top of mind.

The result? The new guestroom has received the highest guest user scores in Marriott's history.

This guestroom design at Marriott Brooklyn Bridge provides a spacious, yet flexible space focused on today’s guest needs where there are no boundaries between work, sleep and organization.

The new Marriott rooms are designed with a clean lined open closet system where guests can put away what they need, without the fear of leaving their belongings behind. The rooms also feature a sectional sofa that can transform into a secondary sleep area, as well as a casual or focused work area with easy access to power.

New finishes, furniture and art work have been incorporated throughout the guestrooms and suites with design details that reflect their local surroundings.

To learn more about the Marriott Hotels' new guestroom prototype re-imagined by our team, please visit



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