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LaGuardia Airport's Next Act

LaGuardia Airport, one of America's first cosmopolitan air fields, is in the midst of a renaissance, and Sawyer & Company is proud to be a part of the historic rebirth.

A major accomplishment at the time, LaGuardia became the busiest airport in the world in its first few months, featuring a mural by renowned artist James Brook in the Art Deco Pan American Airways terminal, a Skywalk observation deck for airport visitors, and later on, a rooftop deck which ran along the entirety of the building's summit.

Now, the almost 80 year old airport is again on the cusp of a reinvention, with numerous initiatives planned to bring LGA into the future. A crown jewel of the Golden Age of Travel, LaGuardia is home to a national monument in the historic Marine Air Terminal, though the new look will feature a modern reinterpretation intended to improve access to the facility.

The renovation of the airport will be accompanied by general improvements to the area, including a new hotel project, designed by the team at Sawyer & Company. The design will highlight the unparalleled diversity of Queens, which is home to over 150 nationalities and a plethora of dynamic communities.

Our team is pleased to be a part of this historic revival. Through references to the groundbreaking original facility, the cultural panorama of the borough, and a vast trove of global influences, the team's forthcoming hospitality offering will accompany and elevate LaGuardia's storied past.

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