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How Brooklyn Inspired the Renovation Design of Marriott Brooklyn Bridge

Looking to Brooklyn’s rich history and culture when beginning to re-imagine the interior design of the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, Sawyer & Company pulled inspiration from the local surroundings to create the full atmosphere of the hotel - from the public spaces to the guestrooms. Taking cues from the local story of Brooklyn and its many layers of history, culture, languages and means of connection and transportation, Sawyer & Company's design details bring to life Brooklyn’s complexity while reflecting the Marriott’s signature aesthetic that offers interiors that are Dynamic, Thoughtful, and Polished.

Above the fireplace, the neighborhoods of Brooklyn are laser etched into the metal wall, while dividers of wood and metal with white lacquer fins are a contemporary interpretation of propellers.

Blackened iron structures placed over subway tiles that surround the bar area represent railways and Brooklyn's buzzing industry, while modern bronze chandeliers in laser-cut box structures represent the building structures and scaffolding reminiscent of the history and development of the borough.

Screens utilized throughout the bar were designed with a wood frame and heavy rope detail to represent the nearby Brooklyn navy yard and the many boats that it welcomes each day.

The colorful imagery of Brooklyn also appear in the design of the hotel’s guestrooms. Local photography of the Brooklyn Bridge is layered, recolored and re-interpreted, connecting to the main artwork in the lobby. I-Beam work tables pay tribute to Brooklyn's craftsmen who helped build the city, while the wood finishes throughout represent the reclaimed wood finishes of the navy yards and transportation.

The sleek white materials used throughout the bathroom are designed to represent a modern interpretation of the iconic New York subway tile. Meanwhile, the fabrics used throughout the room are an interpretation of the canvas and vegetable tanned leather reminiscent of Brooklyn's past and present - the aprons of the local workmen, baseball gloves, sports, subway straps, saddles and machinery belts.

To learn more about the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and view more photos of the Sawyer & Co. design, please visit their website.



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