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Refresh Your Space for Winter with 5 Pro Tips

As we lean into the holidays this year, many of us are eager to embrace all that the season has to offer. With cooler temperatures and shorter days, we will all be spending more time indoors and at home, so it’s the perfect time to make some upgrades to your interiors to ensure they are optimal for holiday hosting, personal down time, and all around feel-good hygge.

No matter where you find yourself living as temperatures drop, you can still evoke the look and feel of your ideal winter getaway – whether it be a remote cabin escape in the Catskills or a cozy New England cottage. Incorporating just a few easy décor touches can transform your interiors and instantly welcome the warm, cozy spirit of winter into your home.

Below, you’ll find expert design advice from our founder, Tracey Sawyer, with a few helpful tips on how to transition your interiors into winter.

1) Incorporate Woodsy Statement Pieces and Natural Décor Accents

It’s the season for reconnecting with friends and family for a marathon of holiday gatherings, so prepare your home for hosting with elevated wood pieces and décor touches. For an earthy, winter-cabin aesthetic that still feels polished, Tracey recommends incorporating wooden accent pieces and décor touches made of natural materials.

Consider incorporating unique, vintage wooden accents like the Vintage Chinese Wooden Bench or Indian Wooden Daybed from Berbere to help introduce natural texture into your space and capture the essence of a woodsy winter escape. For smaller décor pieces, go for natural accents like the Marta Bonilla Amphora White Clay from Hôtel Weekend to organically bring the outdoors in.

We recommend sticking to a cool, neutral palette with icy winter tones for a subtle winter wonderland effect. For those with fireplaces in the home, keep a bundle of firewood on display close by for a functional, chic wintry touch.

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2) Layer Up with Textural Fabrics

As the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to nix lightweight cooling fabrics and layer up with textural pillows and heavier textiles to instantly make your interiors feel cozy and inviting.

We suggest replacing summer throws and pillows with chunky knits or textures like faux fur, velvet, or mohair to warm up your space. Simply drape a faux fur throw over the back of your favorite chair along with these vintage Berbere pillows to create a cozy reading nook to nestle through the coldest days of winter.

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3) Bring the Outdoors in with Winter Florals

For a clean, minimal look, we recommend selecting monochromatic floral options to throw in bud vases or any vessels you have on hand. Small floral accents with large tapers and greenery around the home will liven up the space and infuse a lovely scent into the room. Stick to winter whites and neutral tones for an elevated winter aesthetic, and place arrangements in areas where guests will frequent the most, such as the guest bathroom.

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4) Capture the Essence of the Season with Wintry Fragrances

Above, from left to right: The Reverie Collection Set ($225); Wick Trimmer ($18)

Set the tenor for winter with rich, transportive scents that provide a warm, romantic glow to organically brighten up your space as the days get shorter.

For warm, nostalgic scents to uplift you throughout the season, wndrmade offers handmade, organic essential oils made in small batches from an all-natural coconut- and soy-blend wax. The Reverie Collection Set is the perfect array of subtle wintry scents to alternate through this winter – with woodsy cedar notes, sweet sandalwood, or soft vetiver. To care for your candles, use wndrmade’s Wick Trimmer before every use to prevent uneven burning and soot buildup.

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5) Set the Tone with Warm, Ambient Lighting Details

Above, from left to right: Marta Bonilla Volta Lamp ($1,050); Arancini Junior Table Lamp ($975); Marta Bonilla Volta Lamp ($1,050); Arancini Nero Floor Lamp ($1,475)

Brighten up your space with warm, ambient lighting to help beat the cold weather blues once daylight hours get shorter.

Tracey Sawyer suggests layering light to achieve a soft, natural glow with table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces - avoiding harsh overhead lighting. Consider incorporating accent hanging or mounted-wall lights in small spaces to draw attention to certain features of your home or illuminate the areas used most often.

For an eye-catching, decorative lighting option, go for layering pendant lights at different levels that create interest and naturally introduce a focal point into the room. Sleek and sophisticated, while still providing a soft, inviting glow, hanging pendent lights are the perfect décor piece for all of your upcoming holiday gatherings.

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