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Introducing Raw on Five: A Luxury Restaurant Aboard the Brand New Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

The Sawyer & Company team is pleased to unveil our newest design work for Raw on Five, a specialty seafood restaurant aboard one of the most anticipated cruise ships in recent memory – the brand new, state-of-the-art Celebrity Edge. Setting sail this December 2018, the Sawyer & Company-designed Raw on Five restaurant features a spotlight on the endless panoramic ocean views, encased in organic shapes reminiscent of the undulating sea below.

The guiding design ethos of the space is raw and refined, based on the undulating water-worn lines of an oyster shell, and echoes the bright, light, explosive flavors on the menu. A natural wooden screen flows water-like in and out of polished bright pearl lacquered walls, reminiscent of the oyster’s progeny. A metal and stone mosaic pattern surrounds the featured raw bar, and custom, smooth lined banquet seating compliments a bar front with an eye-catching ice display feature.

“We're constantly inspired by designing for the global traveler, and this was an incredible opportunity to translate our expertise in hotels to a state-of-the-art, iconic ship so focused on design,” says our design team. “We were thrilled to partner with the incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful team on the Celebrity Edge, alongside other cutting-edge creatives.”

The Japanese sashimi and hand-rolled sushi highlight a seafood menu that pushes traditional cruise cuisine to new heights. Raw on Five offers the best delicacies from the sea and beyond – think the best blend of St. Tropez and New England seafood – and, when visited by the Magic Carpet, becomes a one-of-a-kind al fresco dining adventure with the best views at sea. The Magic Carpet, a moveable platform mounted on the ship’s side and originally intended to improve tender operations along the journey, will change function as it travels between levels. While docked outside of Raw of Five, the al fresco dining space is capable of seating 90 guests for dinner, cantilevered off the side of the ship above the glistening, shimmering waters below.

We are pleased to be a part of this cutting edge ship’s origin story. Building on the ship’s thoroughly modern overall design that redefines high-end cruise travel, we were pleased to implement the same innovative forward-thinking into their natural, organic luxury design aesthetic for Raw on Five, pushing their signature “design for travel” narrative further into the future of hospitality.

More of our design work can be found in the Sawyer & Company portfolio, here.

For more information on Sawyer & Company and our team’s design philosophy on Design for Travel, follow the link here.



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